So you're new to this Internet stuff, huh? That's alright, we were all new at one point. This section is custom tailored just for First Time users. Welcome! It is nice to have you on board!

The Overview section contains information on how the internet works, which can be quite confusing some times. We have tried to explain things in a down-to-earth manor. This may not be interesting to some people, but we believe that understanding how things work is the first step to learning how to use the Internet as a very powerful tool.

The WWW section attempts to give you and idea of what the World Wide Web really is, and how it became known by that name. This section also provides tips that will help you to learn how use your Web Browser to view the information available on the Internet.

The Internet Email section explains how Email works, what happens when you send a message, where it goes, and how to read and respond to email that has been sent to you. This section will also help you to configure your Email Client to work properly with Waycom's mail server, so you can begin sending and receiving messages to and from people all over the world, as well as those of us here at Waycom.

The Internet Newsgroups section explains what Newsgroups are, how they work, and the proper netiquette to use when posting a message to a newsgroup. This section also provides information on setting up your Newsgroup Client to work with Waycom's News Server so you can begin reading newsgroup posts and eventually start participating in the many newsgroups available.

We hope that we have provided enough information here for First Time users to get themselves setup and using the many Internet services available. If there are any other questions that you have, please consult the Help section for more specific help, or ways to contact us for more information.