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Many people have inquired as to what things are happening at Waycom now that the decision has been made to no longer offer dialup internet access. The answer to that is that the focus has been moved toward doing more service oriented work. For a number of years I have worked in computer service and repair as well as telephone and network design installation and service.

I am now working with two companies, one offering broadband internet access as well as internet telephony services, and one that is offering broadband wireless access to rural areas including Hopkins and Wayland. When the cable comapanies and telephone companies tell you that you can't get broadband internet access we can help.

Service areas that Waycom will be covering cover a variety of services and are designed to help small business operate with some of the features of large companies without the excessive overhead. Areas of service include Network Design and installation for both Computers and Telephone services, Installation of phone systems (in partnership with B-Tech Voice & Data, Installation of premesis access and entry systems, video monitoring systems and secured wireless network access. Waycom also maintains web and email servers for web and domain hosting.

If your small business needs help in any of these areas please feel free to call at any convenient time to discuss your needs and how Waycom can be of service to you.

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