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Personal Dial-Up Internet Access ($23.00 / Month)

Waycom provides dial-up internet access for anyone within Wayland, Michigan's local calling area. If you are able to call Wayland toll free, you can call us toll free. Dial-Up Access requires that you have a modem installed into your computer (28.8k or better recommended), and the proper software to connect to our servers. If you do not have the correct software, Waycom will provide you with the things you need to use the Internet as a powerfull tool, as well as for entertainment.

Waycom provides a true internet access, we do not block your access to anything on the internet. We also do NOT log web-sites that you visit. Other companies do this to target you for profiling that they sell to advertising companies and other agencies who we feel are invading your privacy. Yes, we could provide our services cheaper if we sold away your privacy, however, we at Waycom believe that our customers prefer to keep private information private.

  The Personal Dial-Up Access Accounts include the following network features:

  • Unlimited dial-up access via local Wayland phone access.
  • One email address per account where you can send and receive internet email from.
  • Local Technical Phone Support from experienced networking personell.
  • One copy of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Internet Mail, and Internet News software.
  • NNTP News Server access to
  • Free image storage space for use with auction sites like eBay™

Storage For Images Used With eBay

Waycom dialup users may store images of the items that they wish to sell on a special web-site location that we have created just for this purpose. For more information please see our image upload information page.

Personal User Home Pages ($5.00 / Month)

In addition to a Dial-Up Internet Access Account, Waycom will provide you with space on our server to store your very own Web Page, viewable by anyone in the world that has access to the Internet.

    The Personal Home Page Account Add-Ons include the following:
  • 1 Meg. of online storage space in which to store all files needed for your Home Page.
  • FTP Upload capability, for transferring the files you create to your remote home page site.
  • a custom URL for accessing your home page (i.e.

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    Additional Services

    Custom Web Services ($30.00 / Hour)

    Wayland Communications provides professional Web Services. Everything from the small single page to the larger comercial sites used for advertising and merchandising over the internet. Custom database design and implementation are one of the strong points of the web services available.

    We offer custom designed images as well as the ability to copy your logo and put it on your web-page. For more information please contact Dan via email or call the office at 616-792-0937.

    Domain Hosting

    Wayland Communications can host your web-site on our servers. For just $20.00/Mo we will host your domain on our network. This includes email services for your domain as well as DNS services that are needed to for proper operation of web and mail servers. All hosted domains support Microsoft FrontPage™ as well as FrontPage 2000™. There is a one time set-up fee of $100.00. This fee includes setup of both web-server as well as registration of your domain for 2years.

    All web-sites hosted on the servers of Wayland Communications can be managed with Microsoft FrontPage 2000.

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    Custom Computer Services

    Wayland Communications can build a new custom built computer for you, or repair or upgrade your current computer. For more information look at the Personal Computer Services page.

    Please be sure to see our payment policy"

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