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Waycom New Email Information

Effective immediately, all users must use their full email address for the username to login to email.

For those people who are still using Waycom for your email, you will need to change the username in your email program to "yourusername@waycom.com". The password field will remain the same. This is the result of major changes to the mail services. As of a 12/09/06 I have changed the mail server to a completely different software. Along with this comes many new abilities for email.

To make the appropriate changes in most software you can start downloading your email as usual. You will not be authenticated and will be presented with a dialog box asking for your username and password. Simply replace your username with your full email address such as "tomsmith@waycom.com" and then click on the "OK" button.

The reason for this change was to increase resistance to spam and viruses. All email is now scanned much more thouroughly than ever for both spam content and viruses. All viruses are removed from the email, all email suspected of being spam is tagged as such by adding ** SPAM ** to the beginning of the subject line. This allows you the user to decide how you want to handle this email.

Along with the new software comes several more abilities and a big new feature for those people who use web-based email. The new webmail interface is far more versatile and secure than the previous webmail interface was, and includes many new features such as a calendar to help you keep track of appointments and other things. There are now also ways to store emails in multiple folders and delete messages much more rapidly.

Sending of email can also now be done through authenticated SMTP. Your outgoing mail can now be handled by using your username and password for sending as well as receiving email. Most email software has a place to allow you to use the same username and password for sending email as you use for downloading.

I hope that you will all be happy with the additions and changes that have been made.